Huffington Post Live Covers Title IX

On Tuesday night, Huffington Post Live ran a segment, “Title IX Bad for Sports: Gender Equality Law Not So Equal After All.” Guests discussed cuts to men’s teams in colleges, overreach in high schools and some of the reasons why reform of the law’s regulations is absolutely vital.

Leo Kocher, President of ASC, was one of the participants. Amidst all the back and forth, he demonstrated why Title IX’s original written intent — to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender — is no longer being followed in high schools and colleges. As he noted, “they’ve taken a law that was supposed to guarantee equal opportunity and they have twisted it around so that basically it guarantees discrimination.”

The “they” could be referring to any number of groups: Women’s Sports Foundation, National Women’s Law Center, American Association of University Women, the Department of Education, etc.

Cody Goodwin, a sports writer for the Daily Iowan, also discussed the impact of cutting men’s teams in schools that have traditionally been Olympic powerhouses, citing UCLA and University of Nebraska at Omaha as examples.

To see what they and others have to say, watch the debate here.

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