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Huffington Post Live Covers Title IX

On Tuesday night, Huffington Post Live ran a segment, "Title IX Bad for Sports: Gender Equality Law Not So Equal After All." Guests discussed cuts to men's teams in colleges, overreach in high schools and some of the reasons why reform of the law's regulations is absolutely vital. Leo Kocher, President of ASC, was one of the participants. Amidst all the ... More

Straying from the Purpose of Title IX

Another brave voice speaks up on the various ways dubious Title IX regulations have manifested themselves in athletics. In the Anchorage Daily News, Martin Byrne provides a sober analysis of men's cuts, distortions to collegiate athletics and media bias. An excerpt (read the whole commentary here): What SI, ESPN, and ADN consistently fail to mention ... More

Open Letter to ESPN’s Peter Keating

Dear Peter: As the leading group working for reform of Title IX, we are writing to take issue with your latest piece on this critical topic [The silent enemy of men's sports; 5/23].  Let's first straighten out some inaccuracies and errors: You write, "Colleges have indeed axed hundreds of men's teams in the Title IX era, often while explicitly ... More

Is It So Hard to Fact Check?

Slanted coverage of Title IX celebrations and academic symposia is unfortunately expected and widely tolerated, but that doesn't mean we can't publicly hold journalists accountable. The latest example is a May 18th Twin Cities Daily Planet story, "Looking at girls in sports as Title IX marks 40 years in Minnesota and the United States." It's painfu... More

CA Lawmaker Speaks Truths on Title IX, Bashing Ensues

The overblown, hostile reactions following California Assemblyman Chris Norby's public criticism of Title IX enforcement would be laughable if they didn't mean that the media and activist groups actually believe that Title IX is impervious to criticism. The last time I checked, our society welcomes — no, cherishes — free speech, even if it's not so ... More

Title IX Should Benefit All, Not Some

As the old saying goes, "One person's loss is another person's gain." It's often repeated in the context of finding a dropped 5 dollar bill, saying goodbye to a coworker or describing the current stock market situation. But is it acceptable to throw around when talking about sports opportunities in K-12 and college? Absolutely not. Students' athletic ... More

A Rare, Welcomed Voice of Reason on Title IX

Despite a media environment that is hostile to critics and hopeful reformers of Title IX, Doug Robinson, columnist at the Deseret News, bravely tells us what he really thinks about the law: While everyone is celebrating the upcoming 40th birthday of Title IX, shouldn't we also hold a funeral for men's sports? I hate to rain on the party (not really), ... More

What’s Leading Wrestling’s Future?

In a Cleveland Plain Dealer article titled, "Women may hold key to future of wrestling: Olympics Watch", reporter Tim Warsinskey asks: "Can women save wrestling?" An alternative way to understand the current wrestling landscape is: "What caused the demise of the sport's teams?" and subsequently, "What is the most effective, far-reaching  prescription ... More

Cutting Wrestling Not Enough, More Men’s Athletic Cuts to Come at Liberty

While the wrestling community can't help but be upset at the news that Liberty University decided to eliminate its wrestling program in order to help with Title IX compliance, you have to at least credit AD Jeff Barber for being honest about what he's up to. The math at Liberty is pretty simple. The student body is 52/48 in favor of female students. But ... More

Wrestling Cut at UNC-Greensboro

Another wrestling team was blasted out of existence this week when the University of North Carolina at Greensboro announced it was terminating its program. Four wrestlers from UNC-Greensboro qualified for the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships being held from March 17-19 in Philadelphia. Good luck to those young men. Not matter the outcome, I'm betting ... More