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“New” Study on HS Athletics Same Old Activist Bunk

A report alleging widespread disparities in athletic opportunities offered to boys and girls in high schools across the country is not a serious policy document worthy of any close consideration but just another iteration of activist groups' efforts to scare parents, cozy up to Department of Education and drag the three-part test — a law only designed ... More

Huffington Post Live Covers Title IX

On Tuesday night, Huffington Post Live ran a segment, "Title IX Bad for Sports: Gender Equality Law Not So Equal After All." Guests discussed cuts to men's teams in colleges, overreach in high schools and some of the reasons why reform of the law's regulations is absolutely vital. Leo Kocher, President of ASC, was one of the participants. Amidst all the ... More

Gotta Get the Facts Right to Make a Valid Point

The National Women's Law Center's (NWLC) June fact sheet, "The Next Generation of Title IX: Athletics," focuses on the differences in participation rates between boys and girls in elementary schools and high schools. The report ranks high schools according to the "percentage of high schools in the state reporting a participation gap of 10 percentage points ... More

Women’s Sports Foundation Celebrates While Students Still Get Cut from Teams Due to Title IX

Last Friday, the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF) issued a press release, "WSF Responds to American Sports Council v. Department of Education decision." Except the response, like that of the NWLC, did not legitimately address any of ASC's reasons for suing the Department of Education. One of the many deceiving claims is that our lawsuit "was designed to ... More

NWLC Continues to Misunderstand Title IX

The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) via Neena Chaudhry doesn’t let two days go by before taking advantage of the immensely unfortunate dismissal of our case, American Sports Council v. the Department of Education, to throw easy, rhetorical bait to its supporters and further distinguish itself from serious Title IX reformers who are trying to achieve ... More

College Sports Council Urges High Schools to Fight Use of Gender Quotas to Comply with Title IX in Athletics

The College Sports Council just issued the following press release. College Sports Council Urges High Schools to Fight Use of Gender Quotas to Comply with Title IX in Athletics Application of law’s three-part test is unconstitutional and could potentially sideline 1.3 million male athletes WASHINGTON, D.C.—February 8, 2011—The College Sports ... More

Cheer Dad Defends Booster Club Independence

We've written about how Title IX poses a threat to high school athletic booster clubs. That's why we were cheered earlier today when we read this account of how the father of two cheerleaders sprung into actionwhen his local school board tried to pass regulations that would have forced the cheer boosters to share the money they raised with other clubs: T... More

Title IX Soccer Settlement in NYC Puts Girls and Boys on the Sidelines

Back in May 2009, we called attention to the fact that female soccer players in New York City were opposed to a plan to move girls high school soccer to the Fallso it could compete in the same season as boys soccer. The move was spurred as part of a settlement forced on the the Public School Athletic League (PSAL) by the New York Civil Liberties Union ... More

Florida School District Squashes Effort to Start High School Baseball Team

Back in the middle of the month, we pointed our readers to an article in Florida Today about how an effort by a group of parents to start a varsity baseball team at one high schoolwas being resisted in part on Title IX grounds. Now the newspaper is reporting that the Brevard County School Board has officially rejected the request: One by one, board ... More

Boy’s High School Soccer Team Squashed by Title IX Concerns

From the Journal-Enterprise (Kentucky): The meeting began with a report from Webster County High School Athletic Director Matt Bell, who told the board he had spoken to state officials regarding a previous request to implement a boys' soccer program at the high school. Bell said the main issue preventing formation of a boys' soccer team is the restrictions ... More