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Would Semi Pro status release big revenue sports from Title IX limits?

What would happen if the major revenue generating football programs in the NCAA decide to change their designation to semi pro?   In his opinion piece published in Forbes, "Will Paying College Athletes Ruin Everything We Love About College Sports? Not If We're Smart About It,"  ASC Director, H. Clay McEldowney offers insight into that question. ... More

They Can’t Blame Football

Mount St. Mary's University is the latest school to announce Title IX cuts, dropping men's soccer and men's and women's golf. The university administrators offered the usual explanation — financial constraints — and threw in the typical caveat about their long-term commitment to Title IX ("something we take very seriously and keeps us within our ... More

Title IX Cuts Sting for Wrestlers

Not everyone views Title IX so keenly, especially former wrestlers and swimmers who have been forced to accept that regulations of a law that's supposed to protect them from gender discrimination has caused them to stop playing sports precisely because of their gender. The Record, a local paper in North Jersey, documents some of the harms faced by some ... More

Students Happy? Dept. of Ed Doesn’t Care!

It's laughable that the Department of Education claims "The three-part test gives institutions flexibility and affords them control over their athletics programs" when its rigorous partial enforcement system prevents schools from choosing which prong they comply with. Ever since the Department of Education rescinded the model survey as an acceptable ... More

LAT Favors Fluff Over Fact

Chris Erskine's Los Angeles Times column, "Title IX has benefited anyone who loves sports," is the latest contribution to the ever-growing nonsensical and biased coverage of Title IX's 40th anniversary. His baseless and garbled views belittle the thousands of boys who lost athletic opportunities and ignore the large contingent of reform supporters ... More

Huffington Post Live Covers Title IX

On Tuesday night, Huffington Post Live ran a segment, "Title IX Bad for Sports: Gender Equality Law Not So Equal After All." Guests discussed cuts to men's teams in colleges, overreach in high schools and some of the reasons why reform of the law's regulations is absolutely vital. Leo Kocher, President of ASC, was one of the participants. Amidst all the ... More

See, a Sober Analysis of Title IX Is Possible

Judicious  and candid as ever, Richard Epstein, professor of law at New York University and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, writes in Ricochet "Why No One Should Celebrate Title IX." Making the case for full repeal, Epstein argues that government intervention in athletics has caused more discrimination, not less. He says that market forces ... More

When Will the Fabrications End?

In the Florida Times-Union, we learn that "Boys aren't being hurt by Title IX" even though male and female athletes, think-tankers and government lawyers  prove otherwise.  We are told that Title IX enforcement is not akin to a quota despite the widespread implementation of artificial, rigid limits on the number of male athletes allowed to play and ... More

And Those Title IX Enforcement Criticisms Keep Coming…

Because the 40th anniversary of Title IX received mostly glowing coverage in the press, there wasn't much room for dissenting voices while the celebrations were going on (save for ASC Chairman Eric Pearson's op-ed and a great piece by Carrie Lukas from IWF). But in the weeks following the law's milestone, we've seen people vocalizing discontent for what ... More

Straying from the Purpose of Title IX

Another brave voice speaks up on the various ways dubious Title IX regulations have manifested themselves in athletics. In the Anchorage Daily News, Martin Byrne provides a sober analysis of men's cuts, distortions to collegiate athletics and media bias. An excerpt (read the whole commentary here): What SI, ESPN, and ADN consistently fail to mention ... More