Accepting the New Reality in HS as School Year Starts

The back-to-school season is usually an exciting time for students. They are eagerly anticipating seeing old friends, taking new courses and most importantly for some, getting the chance to compete on sports teams.

But as advocates for Title IX proportionality continue to influence high school administrators, state regulators and their band of supporters, it is going to be increasingly difficult to provide as many opportunities for boys. The new reality will soon be that calls to even out the number of male and female athletes are going to drown out the boys’ pleas to keep their teams or add new teams. ASC believes that to reverse this alarming trend — which has been brewing for years — the Department of Education needs to reform its regulations and high schools must stop heeding the calls of gender quota activists to enforce proportionality — which is only meant for intercollegiate athletics — at the high school level.

ASC Facebook fan Hou-Yin Chang has a guest column in today’s Time and Democrat that foreshadows the grim future for male athletes (and male students who gravitate toward the sciences) as a result of overreaching Title IX regulations:

Now the Department of Education, knowing the demise of the American male at the Olympics, has made it clear it is planning quotas in high school sports, and the local high school gridiron, diamond and Olympic sports are on the cutting block, all in the name of equality, which technically means feminine superiority and masculine inferiority. In New York, new schools in the city may only offer sports programs for girls. Future plans by the agency call for quotas in math and science classes to restrict male participation in such classes.

Christina Hoff Summers’ “The War on Boys” noted in 1999, girls’ role models were the National Football Team that won the World Cup, and boys only had the Columbine shooters. The cheers of Title IX are ringing after feminine success and masculine failure in London. Now the targets are clearly set by the feds for secondary schools in both academic and athletic pursuits.

At this rate, our schools will have empty Friday nights as high school gridiron programs are cut by federal mandates at secondary schools, and parents will no longer be able to bring their boys to any sport, let alone an Olympic sport, gridiron or baseball, as sport will become girls only. Then, schools may even tell boys they are not welcome in math and science classes in an era where we need more people studying them, all because of Title IX regulations will place quotas on boys in math and science classes.

The administration has made it clear it wants quotas on boys taking such classes the way they have in sports. This will make us fail against the world without such restrictions.

Read the whole piece here.

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