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Sports Are About Athletes, Not Gender Ratios

In the public discourse, we rarely hear the case for Title IX reform. So it's refreshing to see someone advocate for common-sense changes that would recover the law's original intention - equality of opportunity - for the benefit of student athletics and beyond. In The Rocket, the Slippery Rock University newspaper, student and assistant sports editor ... More

A Simple Reminder for Journalists

The media is understandably frenzied over the University of Maryland's decision to join the Big 10 conference, but its short-term memory lapse over the University's elimination of 7 teams, apparent in today's excited coverage, is unacceptable. Only four months ago, the school cemented recommendations from the President's Commission to get rid of a ... More

They Can’t Blame Football

Mount St. Mary's University is the latest school to announce Title IX cuts, dropping men's soccer and men's and women's golf. The university administrators offered the usual explanation — financial constraints — and threw in the typical caveat about their long-term commitment to Title IX ("something we take very seriously and keeps us within our ... More

Title IX Cuts Sting for Wrestlers

Not everyone views Title IX so keenly, especially former wrestlers and swimmers who have been forced to accept that regulations of a law that's supposed to protect them from gender discrimination has caused them to stop playing sports precisely because of their gender. The Record, a local paper in North Jersey, documents some of the harms faced by some ... More

“New” Study on HS Athletics Same Old Activist Bunk

A report alleging widespread disparities in athletic opportunities offered to boys and girls in high schools across the country is not a serious policy document worthy of any close consideration but just another iteration of activist groups' efforts to scare parents, cozy up to Department of Education and drag the three-part test — a law only designed ... More

Puppeteering at Towson University

Men's baseball and soccer are no longer welcome at Towson University after the 2012-2013 seasons. For that matter, no men's team at Towson is safe from the administration's masterful manipulation of roster spots, scholarship awards, recruiting budgets and team funding so long as the university is steadfast in its reverence for proportionality, that ... More

Title IX Compliance Costs Don’t Add Up

The University of Richmond just decided to drop men's soccer and track and field to make room for men's lacrosse. Why? Because "the University is committed to gender equity in its athletic program, and this decision supports the University's continued compliance with Title IX." Hardly. Pitting the genders against one another (the school had to eliminate ... More

Poof! Goes Football, Says the New York Times

While Humboldt State's football team is making a comeback from recent losing seasons, other Cal State programs can't recover from defeat that took place almost 20 years ago — but it's not their fault. Back in '93, a multi-year agreement between California State University and the National Organization for Women (NOW) cemented proportionality's mark ... More

Accepting the New Reality in HS as School Year Starts

The back-to-school season is usually an exciting time for students. They are eagerly anticipating seeing old friends, taking new courses and most importantly for some, getting the chance to compete on sports teams. But as advocates for Title IX proportionality continue to influence high school administrators, state regulators and their band of supporte... More

When Will the Fabrications End?

In the Florida Times-Union, we learn that "Boys aren't being hurt by Title IX" even though male and female athletes, think-tankers and government lawyers  prove otherwise.  We are told that Title IX enforcement is not akin to a quota despite the widespread implementation of artificial, rigid limits on the number of male athletes allowed to play and ... More