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Continuing Unhappiness with New Booster Regs.

The last we heard from parents in New Mexico dealing with new booster club regulations, they were frustrated. Upset that their hard-earned voluntary donations would likely impact their kids' sports less if pooled together, discouraged from participating in club activities, concerned about bureaucratic interference. Well, their sentiment hasn't changed ... More

Accepting the New Reality in HS as School Year Starts

The back-to-school season is usually an exciting time for students. They are eagerly anticipating seeing old friends, taking new courses and most importantly for some, getting the chance to compete on sports teams. But as advocates for Title IX proportionality continue to influence high school administrators, state regulators and their band of supporte... More

American Sports Council Reacts to Dismissal of Lawsuit Against DOE

On March 27, the District Court dismissed American Sports Council v. Department of Education based on standing.Eric Pearson, Chairman of the American Sports Council, reacts: "It is unfortunate that the Court refused to hear the merits of our case, American Sports Council v Department of Education. The Court accepted the government's objection to the ASC's ... More

Football Coach Quits, Cites Booster Club Changes

Veteran Portland High football coach Mike Bailey has called it quits after 26 years and a winning record. Among many reasons, one particularly stands out: The recent booster club reforms issued for Portland and Deering this past September. Instead of separate booster clubs for each sport, next year will only allow one booster club for all sports. We've ... More

Explaining Outcomes of Title IX Quota Enforcement

On the blog, Ask Coach Wolff, Rick Wolff tells the familiar tale of boys competing on girls teams, and girls competing on boys teams in high school. He then recounts that a boy recently broke a girls' swim record and wants to know, "is that right? Was that the intent of Title IX?" When answering this question, it's important to backtrack to see how we ... More

Title IX’s Unseen Consequences Keep On Evolving

It gets old saying this, but we're going to again: we told you so. As gender quotas used to apply Title IX in college athletics surface at the high school level, we will see the same destructive consequences — such as cuts to whole teams or partial rosters on boys team (and even girls teams) — unravel. Unfortunately, for the College of Staten Island ... More

PLF’s Joshua Thompson Takes on the Title IX Blog

When anyone asks me what our adversaries are like in the Title IX reform debate, I always tell them to take a close look at the Title IX Blog. The critical difference there: the authors don't allow any outsiders to leave comments on their blog posts. It's almost as if they're afraid of free and open debate about the law and the damage it's doing at colleges ... More

American Sports Council Sues U.S. Department of Education to Prevent Use of Title IX Quotas in High School Athletics

It's a busy first day for the newly-formed American Sports Council. Again, from our new website: The American Sports Council (ASC) filed suit against the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) today, alleging that the use of gender quotas to enforce Title IX in high school athletic programs is unconstitutional because it violates the Equal Protection Clause. ... More

Pacific Legal Foundation Video Explains American Sports Council Suit Against Department of Education on Title IX and High School Sports

As part of today's activities around the law suit filed by the American Sports Council against the Department of Education concerning Title IX and high school sports, our legal partners at the Pacific Legal Foundation produced a video explaining the suit. To view the Pacific Legal Foundation's own press release on the filing of the suit, click here. More

On Title IX and High Schools

Over the past several months, we've seen the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights inundated with Title IX complaints coming from Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Although there are about 300 complaints in total, the heart of each is always the same: that the gender balance of the athletic department of the high school in question is isn't in ... More