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MN Gymnast Fights For His Team and Equal Protection of the Law.

He urged the university to "do the right thing" and reinstate the storied program, which was in place for nearly 120 years, won 21 Big Ten championships and sent an athlete to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. More

MN Sports Alumni Unite

Alumni, donors, and friends of the University of Minnesota (UMN) athletic teams have united to form the Minnesota Athletics Alliance (MAA), in partnership with the American Sports Council.The MAA coalesced in response to the October, 2020 decision by the UMN to eliminate the men’s gymnastics, tennis, and indoor track and field programs. The MAA’s ... More

Title IX compliance cited for team cuts in MN and NM.

Following the playbook written by its Title IX consultant, the University of New Mexico eliminated its programs for men's soccer, men's and women's skiing, and women's beach volleyball. The administration also instituted roster caps on men's track and cross- country teams to bring its athletic department into compliance with Title IX's proportionality ... More

ASC Celebrates 15th Anniversary

On Saturday, October 7, guests from across the country convened at the historic Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, DC to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the American Sports Council (ASC). This special event brought together ASC supporters, partners, and leaders, as well as journalists and policy experts, to enjoy insightful discussions on ... More

45 Years After Title IX, America’s Boys Need Equal Protection

OpEd published June 25, 2017 in the Washington Examiner By Eric Pearson. Wisconsin high school freshman Kaiden Johnson loves to dance. So when he was told that he couldn’t participate in a competition with his school’s dance team because he was a boy, he was heartbroken. Title IX became law in 1972, and it ostensibly forbids discrimination ... More

Pressure mounts on CA high schools to comply with gender quota

As reported in the Coastal View, 'Level playing field? Gender equality in CHS athletics falls short,' Carpinteria High School in California is concerned about Title IX compliance, and it has hired a consulting firm. According to Coastal View: “Carpinteria High School was found by consulting firm Sports Management Resources to be noncompliant in ... More

Diving Deeper into CA HS boys’ swim decline

The average roster size for high school boys' swim teams in California has declined by almost 9% in the last two years! On December 5, 2016, SavingSports posted stats showing an alarming statewide participation rate decline of 4.6%, since 2014, for California high schools boys swimming. We illustrated a two year downward trend of participation rates ... More

Football numbers decline in CA high schools

SavingSports has recently published statistics showing that both boy's swimming and wrestling participation numbers have declined in California high schools. Many people may be surprised to hear that football has suffered the same downturn in total players. The pressure to comply with Title IX's gender quota will only get worse if compliance standa... More

More trend watching- Title IX & H.S. Wrestling

Last week, we called attention to the alarming decline in participation rates for boys' swimming in California high schools. Unfortunately, swimming is not alone in showing troubling trends of decline- the sport of wrestling also suffered a drop in participation rates at the high school level. Fans of wrestling know very well how their sport has been ... More

Trend Watching- Title IX & H.S. Sports

Recent data trends show that Title IX's gender quota may now be harming high school athletics by restricting boys' participation in sports. The ASC has repeatedly expressed its concerns about the application of gender quotas to high school sports, ever since the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court judgment in the case ... More