Pressure mounts on CA high schools to comply with gender quota

As reported in the Coastal View, Level playing field? Gender equality in CHS athletics falls short,’

Carpinteria High School in California is concerned about Title IX compliance, and it has hired a consulting firm.

According to Coastal View:

“Carpinteria High School was found by consulting firm Sports Management Resources to be noncompliant in several areas related to gender equality in athletics. A greater percentage of the school’s male population participates in athletics than its females…”

So the evidence continues to mount that high schools in California are feeling pressure to comply with Title IX’s gender quota.

Also, another revealing detail in the story is the extent which the Title IX bureaucracy can interfere with the practice of parenting.

As reported by the Coastal View:

“The report digs so deeply into treatment of each gender that it recommends all team dinners held by parents be accounted for in order for the school to strike a balance for players of the opposite sex—even if the team dinner is outside regular school program.”

So how does that translate for high school administrators? Not only do they need to worry about more boys than girls playing  on their sports teams, but they also need to worry about parents taking their child’s team out for pizza.

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