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A Simple Reminder for Journalists

The media is understandably frenzied over the University of Maryland's decision to join the Big 10 conference, but its short-term memory lapse over the University's elimination of 7 teams, apparent in today's excited coverage, is unacceptable. Only four months ago, the school cemented recommendations from the President's Commission to get rid of a ... More

Poof! Goes Football, Says the New York Times

While Humboldt State's football team is making a comeback from recent losing seasons, other Cal State programs can't recover from defeat that took place almost 20 years ago — but it's not their fault. Back in '93, a multi-year agreement between California State University and the National Organization for Women (NOW) cemented proportionality's mark ... More

LAT Favors Fluff Over Fact

Chris Erskine's Los Angeles Times column, "Title IX has benefited anyone who loves sports," is the latest contribution to the ever-growing nonsensical and biased coverage of Title IX's 40th anniversary. His baseless and garbled views belittle the thousands of boys who lost athletic opportunities and ignore the large contingent of reform supporters ... More

Accepting the New Reality in HS as School Year Starts

The back-to-school season is usually an exciting time for students. They are eagerly anticipating seeing old friends, taking new courses and most importantly for some, getting the chance to compete on sports teams. But as advocates for Title IX proportionality continue to influence high school administrators, state regulators and their band of supporte... More

And Those Title IX Enforcement Criticisms Keep Coming…

Because the 40th anniversary of Title IX received mostly glowing coverage in the press, there wasn't much room for dissenting voices while the celebrations were going on (save for ASC Chairman Eric Pearson's op-ed and a great piece by Carrie Lukas from IWF). But in the weeks following the law's milestone, we've seen people vocalizing discontent for what ... More

Who’s Missing From the Title IX Birthday Celebration?

In today's Washington Times, ASC Chairman Eric Pearson reflects on the 40 years since the passage of Title IX: PEARSON: After 40 years, Title IX is getting old for boys Law letting girls into college sports ends up pushing boys out To hear reporters tell it, Americans one and all are gathering to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX. But if you ... More

Title IX Twitter Chat: #fail

Another day, another unimpressive Twitter chat. Tuesday's Title IX tweetchat, hosted by the National Women's Law Center (NWLC) with Jon Carson, the Director of Public Engagement at the White House, proved to be a self-aggrandizing, fact-fleeting, accountability-lacking publicity stunt. "Submit your questions w/hashtag #WHTitleIX," NWLC told the public. ... More

Open Letter to ESPN’s Peter Keating

Dear Peter: As the leading group working for reform of Title IX, we are writing to take issue with your latest piece on this critical topic [The silent enemy of men's sports; 5/23].  Let's first straighten out some inaccuracies and errors: You write, "Colleges have indeed axed hundreds of men's teams in the Title IX era, often while explicitly ... More

Is It So Hard to Fact Check?

Slanted coverage of Title IX celebrations and academic symposia is unfortunately expected and widely tolerated, but that doesn't mean we can't publicly hold journalists accountable. The latest example is a May 18th Twin Cities Daily Planet story, "Looking at girls in sports as Title IX marks 40 years in Minnesota and the United States." It's painfu... More

CA Lawmaker Speaks Truths on Title IX, Bashing Ensues

The overblown, hostile reactions following California Assemblyman Chris Norby's public criticism of Title IX enforcement would be laughable if they didn't mean that the media and activist groups actually believe that Title IX is impervious to criticism. The last time I checked, our society welcomes — no, cherishes — free speech, even if it's not so ... More