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College Sports Council Changes Name to American Sports Council

Posted at the website of the newly-formed American Sports Council: After almost a decade leading the fight to reform Title IX enforcement, the College Sports Council (CSC) today announced that it was changing its name to the American Sports Council (ASC) effective immediately. The organization’s Web site can be found at www.americansportscouncil.org... More

A Crew Coach Speaks Out in Favor of Title IX Reform

Last Summer, the College Sports Council published an analysis of NCAA participation data that showed how Title IX enforcement had stifled the development of men's soccer in Division I, creating wide disparities between the men's and women's game. It's now a little less than a year later, and we're still seeing more folks take notice of the unintended ... More

Mainstream Press Picks Up on Gender Disparities in College Tennis and Volleyball

In the Summer of 2009, the College Sports Council published an analysis of the NCAA's own scholarship and participation data that found that in sports where men and women both compete, women get the lion's share of both scholarships and participation opportunities (click here for the charts and graphs). As CSC Chairman Eric Pearson wrote at the time: The ... More

Female Rower Stands Up for Male Counterparts at Syracuse University

In the Summer of 2009, the College Sports Council released an analysis of NCAA athletic participation data that showed that in sports where men and women both compete, female student athletes have more participation opportunities and win more scholarships. Other folks are starting to notice, like one member of the women's rowing team at Syracuse Univer... More

Preserving the Sport of Wrestling for Future Generations

If you really want to know why the College Sports Council is in business, you should take a look at this photo. It was taken a few months ago at an event sponsored in Philadelphia by Beat the Streets, an organization dedicated to establishing youth wrestling programs all over the country. This picture was taken at an event sponsored by the organization's ... More

Meet Karen Owoc

Just yesterday, we posted a link to a piece from Congressional Quarterly Research (click here for a blog post by CQ summarizing their larger report on Title IX) that was written by Karen Owoc, a member of the College Sports Council's Advisory Board. After some nastiness on Twitter (something for which an apology has been given), it became clear to me that ... More

Temple Dedicates Varsity 8 Shell to CSC Advisory Board Member Jason Read

From Temple University: PHILADELPHIA – Temple University dedicated a new Varsity 8 shell today to one of its all-time great rowers, Jason Read, Friday. The dedication of the Jason “JR” Read shell took place at the Temple Boathouse Launch area and the new shell will be utilized by the Owls' Varsity 8 starting with tomorrow's Murphy Cup Regatta on the ... More

A Tweet from Nancy Hogshead-Makar

Last Friday evening, the College Sports Council got into an extended conversation with Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Senior Director for Advocacy for the Women's Sports Foundation on our Twitter feed. While the issues we discussed were serious, I had a good time jousting with her on behalf of the CSC, even if she worked hard to dodge some of the more pointed ... More

College Sports Council Urges High Schools to Fight Use of Gender Quotas to Comply with Title IX in Athletics

The College Sports Council just issued the following press release. College Sports Council Urges High Schools to Fight Use of Gender Quotas to Comply with Title IX in Athletics Application of law’s three-part test is unconstitutional and could potentially sideline 1.3 million male athletes WASHINGTON, D.C.—February 8, 2011—The College Sports ... More

Official Statement from College Sports Council on National Women’s Law Center’s Plan for Title IX in High Schools

The following statement on the National Women's Law Center's Rally for Girls' Sports initiative can be attributed to Eric Pearson, Chairman of the College Sports Council: The NWLC plan is clearly designed to expand the enforcement of gender quotas in high school sports. We've been warning parents and coaches that the gender quota is coming to high ... More