A Tweet from Nancy Hogshead-Makar

Last Friday evening, the College Sports Council got into an extended conversation with Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Senior Director for Advocacy for the Women’s Sports Foundation on our Twitter feed. While the issues we discussed were serious, I had a good time jousting with her on behalf of the CSC, even if she worked hard to dodge some of the more pointed questions we posed to her, while also working to blindly distort many of the CSC’s public positions on the reform of Title IX enforcement.
Given the legal fees the National Women’s Law Center has racked up over the years, the crack in the tweet above was just preposterous.
During the exchange, Hogshead-Makar asked if the CSC was willing to work with her on items of mutual interest. I passed along the request to CSC Chairman Eric Pearson. Here’s what he told me:
At present, the minimum program requirement for NCAA Div. I schools is to sponsor 8 teams for women and 6 for men. If we could raise that number even by one, to 9 and 7, it would create more opportunities and help save some teams.
Pearson told me that if WSF wanted to work together to petition the NCAA to make that change, he’d be interested in hearing more, especially as other women’s sports advocates weren’t willing to listen to him when he proposed it in the past.
So, the ball is in your court now, Nancy. You know where to find us.

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