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Is COLLEGE PRO coming to the NCAA?

One of the hottest trending topics now in college sports is the discussion about schools paying athletes stipends in addition to their scholarships. The NCAA has opened the possibility for schools to pay athletes with the recently proposed Division I Board of Directors governance restructuring. The issue picked up additional momentum recently when the ... More

Cutting Men’s Sports — Just a “Misunderstanding”

So says Judith Sweet, Title IX consultant extraordinaire. In an interview with the NCAA (her former employer), Sweet was asked, "Why do we need to celebrate this anniversary?" She responded (excerpt): "In celebrating, we also should recognize that our work is not done. We need to continue to educate, to present facts to erase the misunderstandings ... More

Open Letter to ESPN’s Peter Keating

Dear Peter: As the leading group working for reform of Title IX, we are writing to take issue with your latest piece on this critical topic [The silent enemy of men's sports; 5/23].  Let's first straighten out some inaccuracies and errors: You write, "Colleges have indeed axed hundreds of men's teams in the Title IX era, often while explicitly ... More

What’s the Real Purpose of Adding Sports?

The Title IX Blog's Kristine Newhall, after framing her own requirements for how cheerleading can be considered a sport (in light of its elimination at the University of Maryland), writes: Meeting such conditions would clear the way for OCR to offer approval and thus make it count for Title IX which is what most schools are looking for: a cheap sport to ... More

A Crew Coach Speaks Out in Favor of Title IX Reform

Last Summer, the College Sports Council published an analysis of NCAA participation data that showed how Title IX enforcement had stifled the development of men's soccer in Division I, creating wide disparities between the men's and women's game. It's now a little less than a year later, and we're still seeing more folks take notice of the unintended ... More

UCLA’s Daily Bruin Uncovers Inconvenient Facts About Title IX Enforcement

The student editors at UCLA's Daily Bruin deserve some kudos today for a trio of articles they've published about how Title IX compliance has affected the athletic department at that historic school. The first piece by Emma Coghlan looks at how the strict gender quotas required by Prong One of the law's three-part test are preventing men's lacrosse and ... More

NYT Prints Letter to the Editor From College Sports Council President Leo Kocher on Title IX and Roster Caps

Earlier today, the New York Times published a letter to the editor from College Sports Council President Leo Kocher. Kocher sent his letter in response to this week's story about Title IX and roster management. To the Sports Editor: The N.C.A.A.’s own data reveals that female college students, rather than being discriminated against, are afforded an ... More

Some Common Sense Ideas on Title IX Reform from Beau Dure

Earlier today, the College Sports Council got into another sharp exchange on Twitter that, in the end, might have actually produced something productive. While you can read about the details yourself at Sportsmyriad, a blog run by ex-USA Today reporter Beau Dure, I'd like to focus on some of the ideas that Dure proposed for Title IX reform, ideas that ... More

A Tweet from Nancy Hogshead-Makar

Last Friday evening, the College Sports Council got into an extended conversation with Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Senior Director for Advocacy for the Women's Sports Foundation on our Twitter feed. While the issues we discussed were serious, I had a good time jousting with her on behalf of the CSC, even if she worked hard to dodge some of the more pointed ... More

What’s Wrong About the Business Insider Question About Title IX and the NCAA Basketball Tournament

Want to know how screwed up mainstream media thinking over Title IX is these days? Just take a look at a post over at Business Insider by Cork Gaines, who wasted a few pixels on this question: This year, the NCAA expanded the men's basketball tournament to 68 teams, from 65. Meanwhile, the women's tournament still includes a field of 64 teams. With so much ... More