Cutting Men’s Sports — Just a “Misunderstanding”

So says Judith Sweet, Title IX consultant extraordinaire.

In an interview with the NCAA (her former employer), Sweet was asked, “Why do we need to celebrate this anniversary?”

She responded (excerpt): “In celebrating, we also should recognize that our work is not done. We need to continue to educate, to present facts to erase the misunderstandings and myths surrounding Title IX’s impact on men’s sports, to help women understand their rights, and to no longer accept excuses for not fully meeting both our legal and moral responsibilities to comply with this landmark piece of legislation.”

It’s regrettable that Sweet used the 40th anniversary of Title IX to yet again insert simply untrue claims into the public discourse. First she insults the thousands of male athletes who lost opportunities because their ADs and school administrators squarely used Title IX regulations to cut their teams. Then she demeans women by insinuating that they are incapable of knowing their rights. And if we carry out her version of fulfilled “legal and moral responsibilities,” we will continue to experience repercussions from hypocritical, activist judicial rulings and athletic departments that utilize discriminatory, shady roster management tactics.

The reality ignored by Judith Sweet is two-fold: Men’s teams suffer under the current Title IX enforcement regime and young women proudly and capably exercise their right to choose extracurricular activities. If only Ms. Sweet would get rid of her cavalier attitude towards the athletes she purports to protect would she realize that Title IX reform is what they need.


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