Official Statement from College Sports Council on National Women’s Law Center’s Plan for Title IX in High Schools

The following statement on the National Women’s Law Center’s Rally for Girls’ Sports initiative can be attributed to Eric Pearson, Chairman of the College Sports Council:

The NWLC plan is clearly designed to expand the enforcement of gender quotas in high school sports.

We’ve been warning parents and coaches that the gender quota is coming to high schools. It is our concern that, under threat of litigation on the one hand and budget pressures on the other, schools will likely choose to cut down the number of male athletes rather than increase female participation in order to prove compliance with Title IX’s gender quota.

Nationwide, about 4.4 million boys play high school sports compared to 3.1 million girls. In order to get that ratio to 50-50, schools nationwide would need to cut a total of over 1 million boys from high school teams.

Girls outnumber boys in almost every after school activity EXCEPT sports and band. It would be equally unfair and unreasonable to enforce gender quotas on activities like dance and drama as it is with sports.

Look for more information tonight and tomorrow morning.

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