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Who’s Missing From the Title IX Birthday Celebration?

In today's Washington Times, ASC Chairman Eric Pearson reflects on the 40 years since the passage of Title IX: PEARSON: After 40 years, Title IX is getting old for boys Law letting girls into college sports ends up pushing boys out To hear reporters tell it, Americans one and all are gathering to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX. But if you ... More

American Sports Council Reacts to Dismissal of Lawsuit Against DOE

On March 27, the District Court dismissed American Sports Council v. Department of Education based on standing.Eric Pearson, Chairman of the American Sports Council, reacts: "It is unfortunate that the Court refused to hear the merits of our case, American Sports Council v Department of Education. The Court accepted the government's objection to the ASC's ... More

Mainstream Press Picks Up on Gender Disparities in College Tennis and Volleyball

In the Summer of 2009, the College Sports Council published an analysis of the NCAA's own scholarship and participation data that found that in sports where men and women both compete, women get the lion's share of both scholarships and participation opportunities (click here for the charts and graphs). As CSC Chairman Eric Pearson wrote at the time: The ... More

CSC Statement on Athletic Cuts at Brown University

Earlier today, the College Sports Council (CSC) released the following statement in response to the news that a Brown University faculty committee had recommended that the school cut four athletic teams. The statement can be attributed to Eric Pearson, the Chairman of the CSC: “The battle to save the soul of college sports has now moved to Providence. ... More

Official Statement from College Sports Council on National Women’s Law Center’s Plan for Title IX in High Schools

The following statement on the National Women's Law Center's Rally for Girls' Sports initiative can be attributed to Eric Pearson, Chairman of the College Sports Council: The NWLC plan is clearly designed to expand the enforcement of gender quotas in high school sports. We've been warning parents and coaches that the gender quota is coming to high ... More

Christine Brennan and the Title IX Myth Making Machine

In 2005, the Wall Street Journal published a front page story titled, "Title IX's Next Hurdle," that contained the following quote: "Today it is best known as the law that helped pave the way for female athletes like Danica Patrick." That was a claim that came as a surprise to College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson. After all, the last time he had ... More

CSC Study on NCAA Tennis Shows Title IX Enforcement Has Failed to Boost Opportunities for Women While Eliminating Men’s Teams

A few moments ago, the College Sports Council published the following press release. Double Fault: Tennis not helped by Title IX Enforcement; Fails to boost opportunities for women and eliminates men's teams. College Sports Council analysis of NCAA Division I data charts tennis team sponsorship since 1996 Title IX policy clarification. August 31, ... More

CSC Statement on Quinnipiac University, Competitive Cheer and Title IX

The following is an official statement from Eric Pearson, Chairman of the College Sports Council on yesterday's decision by a federal court in Connecticut that determined that competitive cheer cannot be considered a varsity sport under Title IX: "Varsity status for competitive cheer is all about safety. The ruling by the judge in the Quinnipiac case is ... More

Title IX and Whistleblower Protection

Earlier today over at Inside Higher Education, David Moltz took a look at a law review article by Erin Buzuvis (co-editor of the Title IX Blog) on the implications of the Supreme Court decision in Jackson vs. Birmingham Board of Education. For the College Sports Council, it's all about whistleblower protection: Even some of those on the other side of the ... More

Why You Can’t Trust The 2007 GAO Report on NCAA Athletics

Yesterday over at the Title IX Blog, Erin Buzuvis took a moment to point to a 2007 GAO study on NCAA athletic participation rates to present it as evidence that claims that men's sports were being harmed by Title IX enforcement were overblown. We'd like to remind our readers that despite the fact that the GAO concluded that both men and women had experie... More