College Sports Council Changes Name to American Sports Council

Posted at the website of the newly-formed American Sports Council:

After almost a decade leading the fight to reform Title IX enforcement, the College Sports Council (CSC) today announced that it was changing its name to the American Sports Council (ASC) effective immediately.

The organization’s Web site can be found at

“Title IX enforcement’s next battlefield will be American high schools, and we need to change our name to reflect a broader mandate,” said Eric Pearson, Chairman of the ASC.

Supporters of gender quotas have made it clear in recent months that they want to replicate the same system in high school athletics that has been established in intercollegiate sports — a move that could sideline as many as 1.3 million boys high school athletes nationwide.

“Working openly with their allies in the Obama administration, gender quota advocates are determined to broaden the law’s mandate to areas Congress never intended,” said Pearson. “If they have their way, even the activities of high school booster clubs will come under the purview of the federal government, something that can only be seen as unwarranted federal overreach,” Pearson said.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

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