Female Rower Stands Up for Male Counterparts at Syracuse University

In the Summer of 2009, the College Sports Council released an analysis of NCAA athletic participation data that showed that in sports where men and women both compete, female student athletes have more participation opportunities and win more scholarships.

Other folks are starting to notice, like one member of the women’s rowing team at Syracuse University:

Gina Biascoechea understands the benefits of Title IX. But the sophomore Syracuse women’s rower doesn’t understand why her sport has to be split by sex.

“Our team (the SU women’s rowing team) gets an earlier season, more team gear and more scholarships,” Biascoechea said.


“I don’t find it fair that the women’s crew team has more advantages than the men’s team because of the football team,” said Biascoechea, the SU women’s rower.

Thanks to Gina for recognizing the truth of the matter. Once again, football isn’t the problem, quotas are the problem.

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