Maryland U. Not Immune to Unfair Cuts

Addressing budget shortfalls, Maryland University’s presidential commission on intercollegiate athletics has suggested the elimination of 8 teams from its roster of 27 sports. The final report admits that not just balancing the school’s finances came into play because “gender equity interests [also] influenced the selection of programs. The Commission was guided now, as the University has been in the past, by the need to comply with Title IX.”

Out of concerns for so-called “gender equity,” the commission is eliminating more men’s teams then women’s — 5 out of 8 to be exact. What’s interesting is that track is one of the least costly sports to maintain. But yet again, strict compliance with Title IX numbers will hurt male athletes and deny them opportunities to play.

The Washington Post’s Tracee Hamilton points out:

They have to look at the school’s success in different sports, the numbers competing, and of course comply with Title IX at the same time. … (On the other hand, could there be a cheaper sport than men’s cross-country? All they need are uniforms that are so skimpy and lightweight, the runners are literally nicknamed the “thinclads.” How much could that cost?)

It’s unfortunate that the University’s commission is hiding behind financial concerns to heed to Title IX proportionality.

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