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Maryland U. Not Immune to Unfair Cuts

Addressing budget shortfalls, Maryland University's presidential commission on intercollegiate athletics has suggested the elimination of 8 teams from its roster of 27 sports. The final report admits that not just balancing the school's finances came into play because "gender equity interests [also] influenced the selection of programs. The Commission was ... More

CSC Director Calls for Title IX Reform in the Washington Post

Earlier today, the Washington Post ran a column by Clay McEldowney, a member of the board of directors of the College Sports Council, where he argued that in light of some of the more recent cuts this year in men's athletic programs, it's time for federal authorities to reform Title IX: This year, men's programs across the country have gotten the ... More

John Stossel Weighs in on Title IX

I'm sure many of you saw last week that the Washington Post ran an op ed by CSC board member Clay McEldowney detailing how because of Title IX, men's athletic programs are bearing the brunt of athletic department budget cuts around the country this Spring and Summer. Just a couple of hours ago, John Stossel of ABC News, a former college classmate of ... More