John Stossel Weighs in on Title IX

I’m sure many of you saw last week that the Washington Post ran an op ed by CSC board member Clay McEldowney detailing how because of Title IX, men’s athletic programs are bearing the brunt of athletic department budget cuts around the country this Spring and Summer.

Just a couple of hours ago, John Stossel of ABC News, a former college classmate of McEldowney’s from Princeton University, read his article, and had the following to say about the way that Title IX is currently implemented:

Feel-good legislation like Title IX usually has harmful unintended consequences. Today women (and their parents) are not shy about demanding that schools accommodate their needs. If they don’t, they’ll pick other schools. They don’t need government force.Insisting on equal participation is absurd. The Title IX zealots may not want to admit it, but men and women are just different. Fewer girls than boys want to run around and smash into each other. In school, girls dominate chorus, student government, and the yearbook. Dance classes don’t get an equal number of boys, even when they recruit them. If we accept the argument that any inequality means discrimination, then the lawyers take all our money.

To read the rest of Stossel’s post right now, click here.

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