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The ACLU’s Way With Words

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) staff members are hosting a special blog series this week celebrating Title IX. So far, the posts have predictably showered the law with one-sided praise for strengthening "legal efforts" to achieve "gender equity" and creating "educational equality." Tweets and retweets of the series have simply repeated all of the ... More

Millersville U. Can’t Run Away from the Problem

There's been no shortage of drama surrounding Millersville University's February announcement that it would axe men's indoor and outdoor track and field and men's cross country. Though the school's official statement emphasized budget reasons ("The University will realize approximately $200,000 in savings"), it also mentioned, albeit briefly, Title IX ... More

What a No-Win Looks Like

Assuming all of the student-athletes are happy, try to figure out the problem with the following offerings at St. Johns River State College: 2 sports for men: Basketball and baseball. 2 sports for women: Fast-pitch softball and volleyball. Winning teams. Nicer places to practice in recent years. Not to mention generous scholarships. According to the ... More

Don’t Be Fooled by Budget Claims: Part 2

In the Minnesota Daily, the University of Minnesota's student newspaper, Sports Editor Derek Wetmore examines how the school can reign in its sports budget after athletic director Joel Maturi leaves. The athletic department is currently a big money loser. Only 3 of the school's 23 varsity sports actually make money: football, men's basketball and men's ... More

Update on UMD Cuts

Thanks to an ASC Facebook fan for pointing out the University of Maryland's (UMD) "Save Our Sports" page and for pointing us to the following statement: Can a guarantee be provided that should the eight-year fund raising goal for my team be reached, the sport will be saved? The University of Maryland's continued compliance with the non-negotiable ... More

Maryland U. Not Immune to Unfair Cuts

Addressing budget shortfalls, Maryland University's presidential commission on intercollegiate athletics has suggested the elimination of 8 teams from its roster of 27 sports. The final report admits that not just balancing the school's finances came into play because "gender equity interests [also] influenced the selection of programs. The Commission was ... More

JJC Dropped the Ball on Title IX

Joliet Junior College's (JJC) board voted yesterday to cut its 61-year-old football program for two reasons: budget considerations and Title IX proportionality. At the expense of the boys with no college football future, JJC officials and local newspapers claim victory for gender equity and student athletes who participate in other sports programs. More ... More

It’s More Than Just a Sprint To Save Sports

A recent article in Delaware's News Journal attempts to show how Patrick T. Harker, president of the University of Delaware (UD), is making budget and administrative decisions that are drawing both positive and negative attention. Unfortunately, because of the rationale Harker used to put certain programs on the chopping block, some members in the UD ... More

More Light Onto Georgia State’s Sand Volleyball Team

Previously, we wrote about Georgia State's decision to build a women's sand volleyball team to balance out the numbers after creating a football team. The case sheds light onto how schools address compliance with Title IX, including how they use proportionality, budget and student interest to make decisions. For Georgia State, the relatively low cost of ... More

Does Georgia State Have Sand In Its Eyes?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Georgia State will add women's sand volleyball for the 2013 spring season. Predictably, the school's athletic director, Cheryl Levick, cited Title IX compliance — specifically to balance gender proportionality numbers with football — as the key reason. The addition of this sport brings with it an estimated ... More