Does Georgia State Have Sand In Its Eyes?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Georgia State will add women’s sand volleyball for the 2013 spring season. Predictably, the school’s athletic director, Cheryl Levick, cited Title IX compliance — specifically to balance gender proportionality numbers with football — as the key reason. The addition of this sport brings with it an estimated $1.5 million price tag for start-up costs.

There are a few things to keep in mind when talking about women’s sand volleyball, which the NCAA deemed last year an emerging sport:

  • So far, only fifteen teams nationwide play sand volleyball, according to the American Volleyball Coaches Association.
  • Only a handful of southern colleges, such as Florida Atlantic and Tulane, host sand volleyball teams.
  • The Colonial Athletic Association, which Georgia State belongs to, hosts exactly zero other colleges that play sand volleyball.
Given the issue of cost and relatively low interest in the sport around the region, is it really fair to ask the school to foot a $1.5 million bill simply to comply with a law built around arbitrary gender quotas?

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