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Debunking the Title IX Myth…For Real

Dawn Redd, head volleyball coach at Beloit College, attempts to provide "the truth" about Title IX on her blog, Coach Dawn Writes. Except in trying to set the record straight, she further distorts the myths reiterated by gender quota activists. Let's begin with this statement: "It turns out that equity in athletics was a happy by-product of a much ... More

Update on UMD Cuts

Thanks to an ASC Facebook fan for pointing out the University of Maryland's (UMD) "Save Our Sports" page and for pointing us to the following statement: Can a guarantee be provided that should the eight-year fund raising goal for my team be reached, the sport will be saved? The University of Maryland's continued compliance with the non-negotiable ... More

Maryland U. Not Immune to Unfair Cuts

Addressing budget shortfalls, Maryland University's presidential commission on intercollegiate athletics has suggested the elimination of 8 teams from its roster of 27 sports. The final report admits that not just balancing the school's finances came into play because "gender equity interests [also] influenced the selection of programs. The Commission was ... More

JJC Dropped the Ball on Title IX

Joliet Junior College's (JJC) board voted yesterday to cut its 61-year-old football program for two reasons: budget considerations and Title IX proportionality. At the expense of the boys with no college football future, JJC officials and local newspapers claim victory for gender equity and student athletes who participate in other sports programs. More ... More

Getting WVU Back on Track

A recent article in The Daily Athenaeum, West Virginia University's student newspaper, sheds light on how gender quotas have affected multiple men's teams at WVU and makes the case for bringing back men's distance running now that WVU is headed to the Big 12 conference. In 2003, the university axed men's cross country, track, indoor track, tennis and coed ... More

It’s More Than Just a Sprint To Save Sports

A recent article in Delaware's News Journal attempts to show how Patrick T. Harker, president of the University of Delaware (UD), is making budget and administrative decisions that are drawing both positive and negative attention. Unfortunately, because of the rationale Harker used to put certain programs on the chopping block, some members in the UD ... More

Correcting Common Title IX Fallacies

Yesterday we tuned into the National Women’s Law Center’s (NWLC) webinar, “Rally for Girls’ Sports: A Guide To Title IX for Parents, Coaches, and School Officials.” Unfortunately for those of us tuning in, we heard the same incorrect statements on how Title IX is currently applied to high school and college sports. Two of the major themes that ... More

Two Title IX Softball Decisions, Same Office of Civil Rights

Last week, Santa Clara University announced that it had agreed to build an on campus softball field as part of a settlement into a Title IX investigation that had been initiated by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights (OCR). When I read the story, I couldn't help but recall another story we had taken note of in March 2010 when the same ... More

CSC Statement on Athletic Cuts at Brown University

Earlier today, the College Sports Council (CSC) released the following statement in response to the news that a Brown University faculty committee had recommended that the school cut four athletic teams. The statement can be attributed to Eric Pearson, the Chairman of the CSC: “The battle to save the soul of college sports has now moved to Providence. ... More

Seton Hall Eliminates Entire Track and Field Program, Adds Women’s Golf

From North Jersey.com: Seton Hall announced Wednesday that it is dropping men’s and women’s indoor and outdoor track and field, effective July 1, as a cost-cutting measure. In keeping with NCAA and Title IX requirements that the school fields 14 sports teams, women’s golf will be added. More later. More