Men’s Program Braces for Cuts at UT-Chattanooga

From the Chattanooga Times-Free Press:

UTC men’s golf coach Mark Guhne spent Thursday night in a condominium without running water or electricity.

“It had a couch,” he said, describing his accommodations on a recruiting trip. “I’m staying with a friend tonight in Orlando and another friend in Miami tomorrow.”

The coach is doing everything he can to save money, even though exact budget cuts at UTC have not yet been specified. But if tuition at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga increases by 7 percent next year — which officials say is likely — the athletic department must cut nearly $600,000 from its budget, according to a University of Tennessee reduction plan draft.

Under that plan, UTC athletic director Rick Hart needs to shave $587,548 for the university to reach its required reduction of more than $8.4 million.

“We’ll strategically look at each of our resources,” Mr. Hart said, “and then we’ll look at making reductions without: one, impacting the student-athlete experience; secondly, preserving our human resources; and thirdly trying to maintain those things that are vital to our ability to generate revenues.”

Mr. Hart declined to discuss specific figures or potential targets for the cuts. The reductions will be made with consideration to policies of the university, and the Southern Conference and with state and federal laws, including Title IX, he said.

… Which is code for only men’s programs will get cut. Stay tuned.

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