Title IX Quota Creep Keeps Hitting High Schools

Over and over again we’ve been warning about how quota advocates are determined to apply the Title IX’s strict quota regime to high school athletics. Just a few weeks ago we pointed to a story in Pennsylvania where the mere formation of a football booster club triggered a federal investigation.

Now we’re seeing evidence of one school district just urging parents to knuckle under. This report comes from the Mercer Island Reporter in Washington state, where the school district recommended the formation of a unified booster club in order not to run afoul of Title IX. But some parents aren’t so keen on working hard to raise funds for their own children, only to see others who don’t put in the work reap the benefits:

Pattie Reutimann, parent liaison for the girls’ gymnastics and cheer booster clubs, said parents involved have met twice with administrators to discuss Title IX equity. Although plenty of ideas were examined during the meetings, little was accomplished, she said.

“The problem is, our existing individual booster clubs don’t have a lot of guidelines,” Reutimann said, adding that administrators have promised to create a detailed list of regulations. “Right now, everyone’s just doing what’s best for their kids.”

This individual mentality, she pointed out, may hinder the success of a schoolwide club.

“It’s a good idea, but I just don’t know if all the little booster clubs can function under one big organization. If we have more than 100 football parents but only 10 for tennis, then should tennis get a proportionate amount when football is bringing in more money?” Reutimann mused. “How would they prioritize needs?”

I know part of the answer to that question. I think it’s safe to say that the parents who raise the money won’t have much of a say at all in how it gets spent.

Stay tuned, this won’t be the last time we see stories like this one.

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