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Why Title IX Rules Might Turn Out the Lights on High School Baseball Tradition

When Patsy Mink, the former Congresswoman from Hawaii, worked to create the anti- discrimination law that would later become known as Title IX, she was motivated to end horrendous gender quotas that capped enrollment of women in medical and law schools.  But she probably never expected that the law would cause high school administrators to turn off the ... More

Continuing Unhappiness with New Booster Regs.

The last we heard from parents in New Mexico dealing with new booster club regulations, they were frustrated. Upset that their hard-earned voluntary donations would likely impact their kids' sports less if pooled together, discouraged from participating in club activities, concerned about bureaucratic interference. Well, their sentiment hasn't changed ... More

Booster Club Parents Fed up with Regs

Booster club parents and volunteers in New Mexico high schools have become unsatisfied with and deterred by overzealous Title IX court rulings and state law that require evenly distributing private earmarked donations among all activities. As we warned last year, pooled donations will dwindle total contributions as parents realize that they'll have minimal ... More

When Reaching for “Fairness” Achieves the Opposite

We'll say it once, and we'll say it again. And again. Booster clubs are the new targets of Title IX regulatory overreach and overzealous, if not downright unfair attempts to equalize and redistribute private, voluntary funds to sports teams. But, if you don't believe us, here's another current example out of Minnesota. The Albert Lea Tribune reported ... More

Football Coach Quits, Cites Booster Club Changes

Veteran Portland High football coach Mike Bailey has called it quits after 26 years and a winning record. Among many reasons, one particularly stands out: The recent booster club reforms issued for Portland and Deering this past September. Instead of separate booster clubs for each sport, next year will only allow one booster club for all sports. We've ... More

Bake Sales Not So Sweet Anymore

Controversy in New Mexico continues over booster club funding and Title IX implementation as discussion heats up over the state's Schools Athletics Equity Act. The issue remains whether private donations raised by parents through bake sales and working concession stands, or whether philanthropic contributions by private businesses, should be pooled together ... More

Correcting Common Title IX Fallacies

Yesterday we tuned into the National Women’s Law Center’s (NWLC) webinar, “Rally for Girls’ Sports: A Guide To Title IX for Parents, Coaches, and School Officials.” Unfortunately for those of us tuning in, we heard the same incorrect statements on how Title IX is currently applied to high school and college sports. Two of the major themes that ... More

Update: More Thoughts on Booster Clubs in New Mexico

In our last post, we clipped an editorial by Ned Cantwell, who correctly made the point that if gender quotas were applied to booster clubs, you would say goodbye to bake sales, carwashes and other fundraisers for your child’s sports teams. After receiving criticism for his column, Ned fired back. The following snippet clarifies not only what he said but ... More

Title IX Booster Club Issue Raises Ire in New Mexico

For years now, we've been warning our readers about how gender quota supporters want to extend their control to high school booster clubs. While some schools are simply being targeted for costly federal investigations, for schools in New Mexico, it's already the law. Here's a passage from a story that ran earlier this week at PNTOnline.com: [W]hat the New ... More

Hands Off My Booster Club

It's hard to think of a better example of federal overreach in the area of Title IX than the regulation of athletic booster clubs. Over the past few years, we've seen plenty of examples of parents being forced to leap through legal hoops to satisfy the folks in Washington. Just this morning, I read a story from Pennsylvania that made my head hurt: In its ... More