Title IX Booster Club Issue Raises Ire in New Mexico

For years now, we’ve been warning our readers about how gender quota supporters want to extend their control to high school booster clubs. While some schools are simply being targeted for costly federal investigations, for schools in New Mexico, it’s already the law. Here’s a passage from a story that ran earlier this week at PNTOnline.com:

[W]hat the New Mexico School Athletic Equity Act basically says is your daughter and her softball teammates can’t stand on Main Drag some Saturday morning with signs inviting neighbors into the vacant bank parking lot for a $5 car wash, proceeds earmarked for the team banquet.

It means parents of the soccer boys can’t get together to throw a huge yard sale, proceeds earmarked for purchasing warmup jackets for their kids.

Legend has it that many years ago a prominent Alamogordo attorney was told the golf team on which two of his boys played needed a van to get to tournaments. “What color do you want?” he said. Now every team gets a van?

Listen, fellow New Mexicans. We no longer will permit such individual displays of team pride, of spirited youth energy, of parental generosity to the programs in which their kids participate. Instead, each high school will have one Super Dooper All Inclusive Booster Club to take care of all boys and girls sports.

The law interpretation is that if one team with spirit and enthusiasm works to buy warmup jackets, then the school district must provide warmup jackets to other teams.

The Albuquerque Journal quotes Dorene Kuffer, legal director at the Southwest Women’s Law Center. “I know there are some schools in this state where the football banquet is at Tamaya (Resort) and the volleyball banquet is in someone’s backyard, and that’s just not fair.”

Sorry, Ms. Kuffer. If sponsored with private money, it’s fair.

Here’s hoping the word gets out to more people and places.

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