Title IX Killing Men’s Gymnastics in California

From Stick It Media:

Savings Sports blog has an interesting post about Title IX . One quote in particular caught StickItMedia’s eyes — “the NCAA cannot be considered an objective source. The NCAA leadership is on record as being closely aligned with groups fighting all forms of Title IX reform and has attempted to quash any debate about the effect of Title IX on decreasing collegiate participation opportunities in the Olympic sports.”

So true. What’s aggravating is that men’s gymnastics is always given prime-time network exposure every four years at the Olympics. Not to mention the fact the ratings for that coverage are always very high. The fact that the NCAA doesn’t bend over backwards to champion more collegiate opportunities for male gymnasts is maddening. Men’s gymnastics is a PREMIER Olympic sport.

Case in point. California, especially Southern California, is a hotbed for gymnastics talent…arguably the largest hotbed in the country. Yet California is home to only two NCAA Division I men’s gymnastics programs…Cal and Stanford. Southern California has no Division I men’s program! This means that Southern California is a net exporter of male gymnasts to the rest of the country. Simply abominable!

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