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Men’s Gymnastics at Cal Reinstated

We just got the following message from Doug Nickle: Congrats to the folks at Cal Gymnastics Foreverfor fighting back from the brink of extinction. It's great news for the school and even better news for men's college gymnastics. More later. UPDATE: Here's the official word from the university. (bumped)   More

Preserving the Sport of Gymnastics for Future Generations

I just got this picture in the mail along with a note from CSC board member Bob Wournos: Our Level 6 & 7 teams at Great Northern Gymnastics bagged groceries for tips for two weekends before the MIGS Program National Invitational in early March. They raised $1,035.00 and presented me with a check for that amount during awards cermonies. One of ... More

Fight Goes on For Men’s Gymnastics at Cal

Last Friday we passed along the news through Doug Nickle that Cal Baseball had been rescued from elimination thanks to alumni donations. Just a little while afterwards, Nickle sent this follow up message to remind everyone that the work at Cal won't be done until every sport that had been slated for elimination got a reprieve, and that includes men's ... More

Other Dominoes May Fall After Elimination of Men’s Gymnastics at Cal

From CrossFit Marin: While the loss of Cal’s men’s gymnastics team is a significant loss, the damage may be more severe as this plays out. At this point Cal is Stanford’s only competitor in California. So they will now have to travel out of state for EVERY away meet. This increases the cost of the men’s program at Stanford, and increases the ... More

Boston Globe Looks at Unintended Effects of Title IX

In Friday's edition of the Boston Globe, reporter John Powers took a closer look at how a combination of budget pressures as well as pressure to comply with Title IX have led schools to eliminate men's teams: There now are more collegiate rifle teams for women than there are for men. More schools offer women’s equestrian teams than men’s water polo ... More

Cal Eliminates Five Varsity Programs

Earlier this afternoon, Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated reportedthat UC Berkeley will hold a press conference this afternoon to discuss its "athletic future." As we've been noting for several months, a combination of budget pressures and Title IX compliance questions could very well lead to the school eliminating a number of athletic programs -- more ... More

Another Example of How Title IX Hurts Men and Women: Gymnastics

We've written a number of times about how the manner in which Title IX is enforced can harm women as well as men. A good example of this is college gymnastics. I'll let Sherman Cain, a reporter for The Journal Inquirer in Connecticut, explain why: But let’s face it, in gymnastics, some of us need to be educated. If it weren’t for WGYM [women's gymnas... More

What Sports Might Be Cut At UC Berkeley?

For a number of months now, we've been hearing whispers that UC Berkeley, the school that sponsors more varsity teams than any other in the Pac-10 with the exception of Stanford, would be looking to make some cuts thanks to the state's budget crisis. The rub here is that with the current balance in the athletic department at this point, the most logical ... More

Husband and Wife Team to Save CS-Fullerton Gymnastics and Wrestling Programs

Here's a piece of good news from California at a time when all we seem to be talking about are how budget pressures are leading to the elimination of teams: Thanks to generous donations from gymnastics and wrestling communities, the Cal State Fullerton gymnastics and wrestling programs have been retained for the 2010-11 academic year. “All along I ... More

Should Men’s Gymnastics Earn a Title IX Waiver?

Stick It Media says yes: Because men’s bodies mature later than women’s, men’s Division I programs are more important for Olympic development. NCAA programs for women are actually post-Olympics or on the separate "college track," rather than the elite track that goes international when the best female gymnasts are still in their teens. For this ... More