Should Men’s Gymnastics Earn a Title IX Waiver?

Stick It Media says yes:

Because men’s bodies mature later than women’s, men’s Division I programs are more important for Olympic development. NCAA programs for women are actually post-Olympics or on the separate “college track,” rather than the elite track that goes international when the best female gymnasts are still in their teens. For this reason alone, it just might be important to consider Title IX waivers to be granted to schools that choose to have men’s gymnastics programs. Funding might not be a problem if donors knew that schools could be free to establish or re-establish men’s programs without Title IX constraints. Corporate sponsorships should also be part of the equation. Funding shouldn’t be an issue for a prime-time Olympic sport. We need more opportunities for men, and the more men we have competing at the Division I level, the better it is for the sport and for the athletes. We’re not talking about football and basketball here. Gymnasts have higher graduation rates than football and basketball players. It’s a win-win situation.

Again, in light of the competitive threat exhibited by China at the Olympics, the country ought to be willing to consider creative alternatives to the iron clad regime of proportionality.

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