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Is COLLEGE PRO coming to the NCAA?

One of the hottest trending topics now in college sports is the discussion about schools paying athletes stipends in addition to their scholarships. The NCAA has opened the possibility for schools to pay athletes with the recently proposed Division I Board of Directors governance restructuring. The issue picked up additional momentum recently when the ... More

Mainstream Press Picks Up on Gender Disparities in College Tennis and Volleyball

In the Summer of 2009, the College Sports Council published an analysis of the NCAA's own scholarship and participation data that found that in sports where men and women both compete, women get the lion's share of both scholarships and participation opportunities (click here for the charts and graphs). As CSC Chairman Eric Pearson wrote at the time: The ... More

When it comes to Men’s Division I Lacrosse, “Title IX is the roadblock.”

It was a little more than a year ago that Inside Lacrosse published a seminal article on how Title IX was holding back the growth of the men's game in NCAA Division I. Now, just a few days ago, viewers on ESPN2 got to hear about what we've been talking about at Saving Sports for a number of years now. On Saturday, May 21, during a broadcast of an NCAA ... More

The Conversation on Men’s Soccer and Title IX Continues

When the College Sports Council released its landmark study on the "opportunity gap" between men and women in NCAA Division I soccer, none of us ever believed that folks would still be talking about the study for this long. But now, here we are, better than a month after the initial release, and that same study is now the focus of a lengthy post over at Big ... More

CSC Soccer Study Gets Wider Notice

It's been a good day for the College Sports Council and our study on disparities in Division I soccer. Earlier today, Charlotte Allen of the Independent Women's Forum wrote a piece based on our study entitled, "Why U.S. Men's Soccer Will Decline." Here's an excerpt: The effect of the proportionality rule on opportunities for young men to play college ... More

Title IX Blocks Men’s Soccer at University of Houston

Just a week after the College Sports Council published a study about the disparities in Division I soccer, El Gato, a student publication at the University of Houston, published a story about how Title IX prevents that school from fielding a men's varsity soccer team: The University of Houston has 16 sports programs, but one of the sports programs not ... More

Who Do You Trust?

I wanted our readers to know that the folks at the National Women's Law Center have posted their rebuttal to the College Sports Council study on Division I soccer to a Web site called Opposing Views (clickhere for the specific post). We don't have a whole lot to add that we didn't leave in the comment string there, or already post to the blog ... More

The Soccer Opportunity Gap in Pictures

6/22/10 UPDATE: Welcome to readers of Minding the Campus and Instapundit. Please feel free to take a look around here at our blog, as well as over at our main site. And don't forget you can follow us on our Twitter feed or Facebook. I think the best way to look at the study we published earlier today would be to look at a number of the charts ... More

The College Sports Council Responds to the Women’s Sports Foundation on the Division I Soccer Study

A little less than an hour ago, the Women's Sports Foundation issued a virulent response to the study that the College Sports Council released this morning about the disparities between male and female soccer athletes in Division I. You can read the statement by clicking here. Despite what the WSF and their confederates in the gender quota camp ... More

Gender Quota Crowd Can’t Live Up to Their Own Standards of Truth

It's been a week since the College Sports Council published its study of NCAA Division I scholarships, and to say that the response from our traditional antagonists has been wanting would be something of an understatement. Well, earlier this week, somebody finally stepped up, and in this case it was Melanie Ross Levin, the Outreach Coordinator for ... More