Boston Globe Looks at Unintended Effects of Title IX

In Friday’s edition of the Boston Globe, reporter John Powers took a closer look at how a combination of budget pressures as well as pressure to comply with Title IX have led schools to eliminate men’s teams:

There now are more collegiate rifle teams for women than there are for men. More schools offer women’s equestrian teams than men’s water polo teams. Quinnipiac has seven sports for men and 14 for women. UCLA has a swimming team for women but not for men.

Such is the college sports landscape as athletic departments try to comply with federal Title IX regulations while cutting budgets in daunting economic times.

Every so often we’ve talked about why the loss of men’s gymnastics at UC Berkeley would be so damaging. This passage puts it all into perspective:

“Every April, you hear about the spring slaughter,’’ said Minnesota men’s gymnastics coach Mike Burns, whose program is one of 17 remaining in a sport that numbered 124 in 1972.

There’s plenty more, including a few quotes from College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson.

For more thoughts, check out Bob Button at Texas Swimming.

UPDATE: Allison Kasic noticed the Powers piece too.

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