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UCLA’s Daily Bruin Uncovers Inconvenient Facts About Title IX Enforcement

The student editors at UCLA's Daily Bruin deserve some kudos today for a trio of articles they've published about how Title IX compliance has affected the athletic department at that historic school. The first piece by Emma Coghlan looks at how the strict gender quotas required by Prong One of the law's three-part test are preventing men's lacrosse and ... More

Boston Globe Looks at Unintended Effects of Title IX

In Friday's edition of the Boston Globe, reporter John Powers took a closer look at how a combination of budget pressures as well as pressure to comply with Title IX have led schools to eliminate men's teams: There now are more collegiate rifle teams for women than there are for men. More schools offer women’s equestrian teams than men’s water polo ... More

Remembering Great Programs Eliminated Because of Title IX

For the most part, the mainstream media has taken a pass on saying a whole lot about Title IX on the 38th anniversary of the law, but I'd still like to take a moment to remember some of the victims of the law. Every athletic program that's been lost mattered to somebody, but here's a list of some of the more storied athletic programs that were eliminated ... More

UCLA Denies Baseball Program in Danger

Late last night, we passed along a report from an LA sports blog that the school's storied baseball program -- the one that produced the legendary Jackie Robinson -- might be dropped because of Title IX concerns. A few minutes ago, I got a call from Marc Dellins, the SID at the school, who denied the report. Said Dellins: "There is absolutely no truth ... More

UCLA Baseball in Danger?

Out in Los Angeles, we're hearing rumors that the storied baseball program at UCLA might be in danger. After a quick look at the numbers, it seemed pretty clear to me that the school is out of proportion. Stay tuned for more details. More