Study Reveals Men’s Athletic Teams Disappearing: CSC Exposes Widespread Damage to Men’s Teams Throughout the Country

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 20, 2007 – A study announced today by the College Sports Council shows that men’s athletic teams are disappearing in dozens of states as a result of onerous Title IX enforcement.

Sports that are thriving on the high school level are now entirely missing in many states. Despite an explosion in youth soccer, for instance, that sport has now been eliminated or reduced to a single collegiate team in more than 22 states.

The study also found that collegiate wrestling no longer exists or has been cut to a single team in 35 states. Collegiate swimming, volleyball and gymnastics teams – each of which are Olympic sports – have also been drastically reduced by Title IX’s proportionality requirement.

Along with the findings, CSC released an interactive map that shows the states that have been hit the hardest, listed by sport:

“Finally there is consolidated, visual evidence of the destruction of men’s sports across the country,” said Eric Pearson, CSC Executive Director. “With so many high school athletes eager to participate, it is a an outright disgrace that the proportionality quota is wiping out their dreams of playing on the college level.”

Schools have desperately scrambled for years to adhere to the proportionality prong of Title IX. Fearing lawsuits from gender activists, they have had no choice but to make massive cuts. Some men’s programs are even approaching extinction. Men’s gymnastics, for example, no longer exists in 38 states at the collegiate level. Texas boasts 22,321 male high school soccer players and, astonishingly, has only one collegiate soccer program statewide.

“Student interest surveys are an efficient and legal way to comply with Title IX. This a call to the Department of Education to get behind schools if they decide to stand against forced cuts. It’s time to implement a viable alternative. Not one more athlete has to suffer the anguish of having his or her dreams destroyed.”, said Pearson.

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