Delaware Cuts Men’s Track and Cross Country; School Cites Title IX Compliance as Reason

As we communicated on our Facebook page earlier this week, the University of Delaware demoted both its track and field and cross country teams to club status. The track team, which just celebrated its 100th birthday, was demoted, according to school officials, because it helped the school better comply with Title IX.

Men’s swimming survived the Title IX purge. Why?

Last year, men’s track had 47 athletes on the roster. Cross country had 12. Dropping the two sports will result in nearly sixty (60) men being cleared from the athletic department “roll”.

This year’s men’s swim team is about twice as quota-friendly as the running squads were. They have 31 male athletes over at the cement pond.

Just like Cal’s rugby team, Delaware men’s track was just too popular to keep around…

The decision comes a little more than two years after the school got rid of men’s indoor track. The news on this has been very, very hot on Twitter, and there’s a lot of anger out there. And if you have any friends who are exercised about this, please tell them to join the College Sports Council.

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