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It’s More Than Just a Sprint To Save Sports

A recent article in Delaware's News Journal attempts to show how Patrick T. Harker, president of the University of Delaware (UD), is making budget and administrative decisions that are drawing both positive and negative attention. Unfortunately, because of the rationale Harker used to put certain programs on the chopping block, some members in the UD ... More

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Throws Support to Delaware Men’s Track Team in Title IX Dispute

Earlier this week, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review threw its support behind the effort to get the men's track and field team reinstated at the University of Delaware: So cowed are colleges and universities by the "social justice" agenda behind Title IX -- the federal law banning sex discrimination in education -- that they're pre-emptively cutting men's ... More

What the Women’s Sports Foundation Doesn’t Want You to Know About Title IX and Quotas

Here at Saving Sports, we've been following rumors about the elimination of the men's track and field team at the University of Delaware for about two and a half years. If you look through our archives, you'll see that we first took notice of the possibility of trouble back in November 2008. Over the weekend, the New York Times finally took a look at the ... More

How Title IX Enforcement Harms Both Men and Women

It was a sad weekend at the University of Delaware, as the 100-year old men's track team competed on campus for the last time. You'll recall that the team, as well as men's cross country, was recently eliminated, with the school citing Title IX compliance as the reason why. Jim Tresolini of the News-Journal was there, and he picked up on something we've ... More

Delaware Cuts Men’s Track and Cross Country; School Cites Title IX Compliance as Reason

As we communicated on our Facebook page earlier this week, the University of Delaware demoted both its track and field and cross country teams to club status. The track team, which just celebrated its 100th birthday, was demoted, according to school officials, because it helped the school better comply with Title IX. Here's our buddy Bob Button at Texas ... More

Cracking the Title IX Code at the University of Delaware

Back in late 2008, rumors were swirling at the University of Delaware that most of the men's track and field program was under threat thanks to Title IX concerns. In the end, only the men's indoor track team was demoted to club status, but it's clear that the experience had an impact on Emily Nassi, Managing Sports Editor of The Review, the student newspa... More

Decoding Title IX Doubletalk at Delaware

As we noted last week, while we were cheered that most of the track and field program at the University of Delaware was spared the axewhen the school announced its new long-term plan for athletics, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that the cuts were kept to men's indoor track thanks to the imposition of roster caps on the rest of the men's athletic ... More

At Delaware, the Culprit Was Title IX

Somebody didn't get the memo from NCAA President Myles Brand on cuts in men's athletic programs and Title IX -- and his name is University of Delaware Athletic Director Edgar Johnson. Last night, we reported that Delaware announced that as part of its long-term strategic plan for athletics, that the school would drop men's indoor track and add women's ... More

Decision on Men’s Track and Field Due Tomorrow at Delaware

Details and a whole lot more over at UDReview.com. I'm pulling for them, and so should you. More

University of Delaware Kills Men’s Indoor Track

Buried in a story about the University of Delaware's strategic sports plan, we discover that men's indoor track will be demoted to club status next season in order to comply with Title IX: But the athletics plan isn’t just about facilities. It also puts forth a competitive charge to strive for better finishes in the Colonial Athletic Association, ... More