Incoming Student Files Suit Against Delaware State

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned how Delaware State University was possibly courting trouble when it decided to cut men’s tennis and equestrian from its athletic program. The problem: there was simply no way that the cuts could be defended from a possible Title IX law suit.

Yesterday, what we warned about has come to pass, as an incoming student has filed suit against the school:

Canadian equestrian recruit Melia Blakely is suing Delaware State University over its decision to drop the women’s sport before she even arrived on campus.

Blakely filed her class action federal suit in Delaware District Court Tuesday, claiming the decision to drop equestrian at the end of this school year violates Title IX gender discrimination provisions. The Coldwater, Ontario native, who signed a letter of intent to attend DSU last November, also accuses the university of fraud, breach of good faith and breach of contract. She claims she learned of the school’s decision from a Facebook posting, adding that the timing of the decision, after national signing day, keeps her from pursuing a scholarship elsewhere.

Blakely has decided to retain the same lawyer that is representing the Delaware State’s equestrian team. As for the men’s tennis team … well, since they’re men, I guess they’re out of luck.

In any case, as we’ve argued before, the equestrian team and Ms. Blakely will likely prevail in their suit. And once the equestrian team is reinstated, Delaware State will need to find its budget savings elsewhere, and when they go looking, only male athletes will have anything to fear.

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