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Delaware State Gets the Title IX Bill for Equestrian: $1.1 Million and Counting

Yesterday, a judge in Delaware approved the settlement agreement between Delaware State University and the members of the school's equestrian team in a suit that began a little less than a year ago. If you're interested in the history of the case, feel free to browse our archives, but what really caught my eye this morning was the price tag the school will ... More

More Details on the Delaware State Title IX Settlement

The News Journal, a paper in Delaware, reported some additional details about the settlement the school reached this week with the members of its Equestrian team: DSU officials, in a press release Friday, said they will "embrace" their obligation to provide increased opportunities for women in varsity sports. "DSU commits to achieving gender equity within ... More

Answering Bonnie Erbe’s Question About Title IX

Things are pretty much status quo since we last checked in at Delaware State University, currently the subject of not one, but two separate Title IX law suits concerning the elimination of its equestrian program. The suit got the attention of Bonnie Erbe, host of the PBS program, To The Contrary, something she noted yesterday at her blog at U.S. News ... More

Incoming Student Files Suit Against Delaware State

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned how Delaware State University was possibly courting trouble when it decided to cut men's tennis and equestrian from its athletic program. The problem: there was simply no way that the cuts could be defended from a possible Title IX law suit. Yesterday, what we warned about has come to pass, as an incoming student ... More

Revisiting Title IX and HBCUs

Many of our readers will recall that back in 2008, the College Sports Council published a study concerning the ongoing Title IX threat to America's Historically Black Colleges and Universities or HBCUs. That CSC study found: 73% of the nation's 75 HBCUs that are co-educational and have athletic programs were out of compliance with the strict ... More

Delaware State Drops Wrestling, But Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Click here for the official announcement. I think it's worth noting that back in February 2008, the College Sports Council issued a study warning that nearly all of the nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universities were out of compliance with Title IX's proportionality standard, putting over 3,300 male athletes at risk nationwide. One of the ... More