Female Swimmer at Duquesne Speaks Out About Cuts

Last week, I wrote about how Title IX harms female athletes by depriving them of male training partners. A couple of days ago at Examiner.com, a member of the women’s swimming team at Duquesne buttressed that claim:

Duquesne University announced Monday that four men’s sports would be cut in order to “place the athletics program in the very best position to be successful in the future.” But according to swimmer Erin Sykes and the rest of the women’s swim team, the cuts will have the opposite effect.

“Unlike what Greg Amodio said about this being beneficial to all the other teams left over, this is devastating to the women because we are not two teams, we are one team,” said Skyes, in reacting to plans for the men’s swim team to be axed. “We train together, we travel together, compete together, and we are family. It’s like cutting half of our team, not just one team.”

Thanks to Erin for a nice dose of fresh air.

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