Fighting For Lacrosse and Title IX Reform in Connecticut

We found this in our mailbox this morning:

Our website, Lax For Connecticut is dedicated to bringing back Division I Men’s Lacrosse to the University of Connecticut. UConn had Division I Men’s Lacrosse up until 1983 when it was Title IX’d.

UConn currently has DI Women’s Lacrosse, but only club for Men. In my opinion this situation somewhat mirrors the situation that was posted on your site earlier this year regarding Syracuse and the sport of hockey. Connecticut is an absolute hot bed for lacrosse, and with the Big East’s creation of a Men’s Lacrosse league it is a shame that the state’s premier university does not sponsor the sport. If you would like to learn more about our site and Connecticut lacrosse growth, we have a section of the website called ‘The Case for Lacrosse‘ which is very informative.


Our immediate goal is to create a supporter database before we move forward with planned future initiatives. We currently have over 1,300 members of our facebook page, and nearly 800 individuals on our mailing list.

Go ahead and check them out.

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