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When it comes to Men’s Division I Lacrosse, “Title IX is the roadblock.”

It was a little more than a year ago that Inside Lacrosse published a seminal article on how Title IX was holding back the growth of the men's game in NCAA Division I. Now, just a few days ago, viewers on ESPN2 got to hear about what we've been talking about at Saving Sports for a number of years now. On Saturday, May 21, during a broadcast of an NCAA ... More

Is Title IX Holding Back Men’s Lacrosse?

Terry Lamade asked that question yesterday at Inside Lacrosse. More

Lacrosse is Booming in North Carolina

At least according to this story at jdnews.com. Here's the paragraph that caught my eye: With lacrosse a growing NCAA sport because of Title IX, Herbold said about 130 girls from the Baltimore area signed scholarships in lacrosse last month. That, he said, compared to about 60 boys - and 10 players each in football and basketball. Of course, thanks to ... More

Fighting For Lacrosse and Title IX Reform in Connecticut

We found this in our mailbox this morning: Our website, Lax For Connecticut is dedicated to bringing back Division I Men's Lacrosse to the University of Connecticut. UConn had Division I Men's Lacrosse up until 1983 when it was Title IX'd. UConn currently has DI Women's Lacrosse, but only club for Men. In my opinion this situation somewhat mirrors ... More

Title IX and Men’s Lacrosse

Central Iowa Lacrosse has some thoughts about how Title IX is strangling the sport at the collegiate level. More