More on Title IX Meddling in High School Athletics Funding

I found the following item buried in a story about a local board of education meeting in Colorado. The following comes from the Brush News-Tribune:

Miles also addressed funds for athletics, stating, “It has been said that a donation is unaccounted for or has been put somewhere else.”

The $2,307.51 donation from the Morgan County Volleyball Juniors was made on January 20, said Miles, and was deposited into the athletic activity fund, not the general fund, as has been reported.

Responding to a comment that the donation was earmarked for a specific purpose, Miles stated, “We received the letter in the mail…it did not declare a specific purpose by the person who sent it….the donator does not seem to be concerned with the use of their money.”

One wonders if the school officials bothered to contact the organization. But I digress …

He also reminded board members the district needs to be careful about accepting donations designated for one sport due to Title IX requirements.

Like Dillehay, the superintendent commented, “My number one concern is the reputation of the people involved. There have been stories all over the board…we want to put them to rest. Some staff are being dragged through this but the facts are supporting them.”

Said Dillehay, “I have great confidence in Mr. Schaffer and that he is putting the money where it belongs…I am sure he did it procedurally.”

Wendy Danielson added, “We have the evidence that it is in the right account.”

Am I the only person who thinks that reaching down to the level of individual donations to high school athletic programs is a case of federal overreach? Somehow, I don’t think I’m alone.

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