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Title IX, High Schools and Proportionality

It was a little less than a month ago that we warned our readers about two pieces of legislation making their way through the House and the Senate that the College Sports Council believes will be used as a can opener to bring quotas and proportionality to high school sports. As it turns out, what we feared the most is already happening in some high schools ... More

Is Title IX Harming High School Volleyball?

We know the enforcement of Title IX at the college level has been devastating to men's volleyball programs, but what sort of effect is it having at the high school level? According to at least one newspaper in Colorado, the law is retarding the growth of the sport for young men: The CBHSVA has been petitioning for years to become a mainstream sport in ... More

More on Title IX Meddling in High School Athletics Funding

I found the following item buried in a story about a local board of education meeting in Colorado. The following comes from the Brush News-Tribune: Miles also addressed funds for athletics, stating, “It has been said that a donation is unaccounted for or has been put somewhere else.” The $2,307.51 donation from the Morgan County Volleyball Juniors ... More