CSC Chairman Has Letter Published in Washington Post

College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson had a letter to the editor published it Saturday’s edition of the Washington Post. It was submitted in response to an article published earlier this month concerning how fewer and fewer boys are taking up swimming:

We were cheered to see the Oct. 8 Sports article “Closing Gender Gap in the Pool” acknowledge the fact that Title IX has had a devastating effect on male participation at all levels of swimming competition.

Unfortunately, the problem isn’t limited to swimming. In fact, the manner in which Title IX is enforced has threatened the existence of a number of men’s Olympic sports at the collegiate level, including gymnastics, wrestling, fencing, rowing and water polo.

With China challenging American dominance in Olympic sports, how can we remain competitive if we continue to allow federal gender quotas to destroy the uniquely American collegiate sports system that has for generations developed so many of our Olympic champions?

College Sports Council

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