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On Female Athletes at the Olympics

It's not a common occurrence we say this, but Professor Erin Buzevis makes a solid observation about Title IX on the Title IX Blog: "It's a laudable milestone that this is the first Olympics to which every country has sent at least one woman, and that countries like Russia, along with the U.S., have more female athletes in their delegations than male. ... More

Female Athletes Don’t Need Title IX

Earlier this week, CSC Chairman Eric Pearson pointed me to the following editorial that appeared on MassLive.com: American women athletes, draped with gold, silver and bronze medals at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, offer shining proof that playing sports isn’t just for men. The achievements of skiers Lindsey Vonn, Julia Mancuso and ... More

Another Way Title IX Harms Female Athletes

I was looking through the New York Times Sports section on Monday morning when this piece about the U.S. Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Team caught my eye: In putting together a schedule leading to the Olympics, the United States women’s hockey team hoped to intersperse a dozen or so games against Minnesota boys’ high school teams within its usual ... More

CSC Chairman Has Letter Published in Washington Post

College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson had a letter to the editor published it Saturday's edition of the Washington Post. It was submitted in response to an article published earlier this month concerning how fewer and fewer boys are taking up swimming: We were cheered to see the Oct. 8 Sports article "Closing Gender Gap in the Pool" acknowledge ... More

Where Will America Find Its Next Generation of Olympic Athletes?

That's a question that Philip Hersh at the LA Times asked earlier this week: It no longer makes any difference whether the U.S. Olympic Committee was sandbagging or simply being realistic with its pre-Games pronouncements about medal hopes in Beijing. The significant thing is its analysis was exactly correct. So it would be wise to listen to USOC ... More

Olympic Greats John Naber, Peter Vidmar, Dan Gable and Cael Sanderson join with Actor Billy Baldwin Calling for ‘Common Sense’ reform of Title IX

Earlier today, the College Sports Council issued the following press release: Washington, D.C., August 4, 2008 – Over 25 U.S. Olympians and over 35 NCAA Champions have endorsed a College Sports Council petition calling on the U.S. Congress to enact common sense reform of the federal regulations governing Title IX compliance. As of today, U.S. ... More