Are High Schools Next in the Title IX Crosshairs?

That’s a question that Jennifer Kabbany asked today in the North County Times (CA):

“If every woman decided she didn’t want to play sports, then the way this law is applied, there could be no men’s sports whatsoever,” Steven Gieseler, an attorney with the Sacramento-based Pacific Legal Foundation, SAID in a telephone interview.

While these quota regulations have traditionally been enforced at colleges, now extremists are coming after high schools.

“We haven’t seen the widescale elimination of boy’s teams yet at the high school level, but we are seeing the very early stages of this pressure,” said Eric Pearson, chairman of the College Sports Council.

Pearson cites statements from feminist advocacy groups in Washington, D.C., asking for greater Title IX enforcement at the high school level, as well as a bill pending in Congress asking that high schools report their gender participation levels to the feds.

While much of the Title IX enforcement centers on quotas, there are other huge red flags to be wary of, such as the reaction to some volunteer efforts and donations of parents and community members’ for high school sports teams, Pearson said.

There’s more, including the rude awakening that Title IX makes sure that no good deed goes unpunished when it comes to parents who donate their time and money to improving facilities for boy’s sports.

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