Allison Kasic on Title IX and Arizona State

Over at National Review Online, Allison Kasic of the Independent Women’s Forum is taking a look at the latest athletic cuts at Arizona State:

Title IX proponents have long stated that schools can comply with the law by adding sports for women, without a negative impact on men’s teams. Unfortunately, reality tells a different tale. With the current enforcement measures for Title IX, the easiest way for schools to demonstrate compliance is to cut teams to achieve a politically-correct gender balance. The cuts at Arizona State are simply the latest in a long, unfortunate history of program cuts.

It is a shame to see Arizona State shy away from discussing Title IX’s role in this decision and lay the blame entirely on the budget.Where budget issues truly are a concern, let’s hope that more schools consult with coaches and potential funders to avoid these kinds of cuts. And if Title IX is the real cause, university officials need to speak up so that the public understands the full consequences of the current Title IX enforcement regime. That’s the only way change will ever take place.

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