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The WIU Title IX Option …

... Gets some more attention in this article, as does our friend Allison Kasic. More

Allison Kasic on Interest Surveys

Over at TownHall.com, our friend Allison Kasic takes a look at interest surveys and Title IX. More

Allison Kasic on Myles Brand and Title IX

Yet another reminder from one of our friends that Myles Brand can't have it both ways. UPDATE: Allison Kasic reminds the readers of National Review Online too. More

IWF Releases Title IX Primer

Our friends at IWF, Allison Kasic and Kimberly Schuld have just finished writing a primer on Title IX. Click here to download it. More

Allison Kasic on Title IX’s Faults

Our friend Allison Kasic of the Independent Women's Forum has a piece in the Christian Science Monitor today on the downside of Title IX: The scope of Title IX has expanded dramatically through a combination of court cases and government policy interpretations (mostly through the US Department of Education). A 1979 interpretation established a ... More

Allison Kasic on Title IX and Arizona State

Over at National Review Online, Allison Kasic of the Independent Women's Forum is taking a look at the latest athletic cuts at Arizona State: Title IX proponents have long stated that schools can comply with the law by adding sports for women, without a negative impact on men’s teams. Unfortunately, reality tells a different tale. With the current ... More

Wade Hughes Op Ed Kicks Up Some Dust

Both Alison Kasic and Robert VerBruggen took notice of the piece on Title IX and Historically Black Colleges and Universities that ran over at The Root earlier this week. Nice to see people notice the work Wade Hughes did. UPDATE: And more people keep noticing. Here too. More