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Fact Checking the Women’s Sports Foundation on John Stossel and Title IX

I had a hard time not chuckling a little bit in the run up to John Stossel's prime time special last Friday night. The reason—this tweet that the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF) let loose a couple of hours before it aired for the first time: So what happened next? Well, I think it's safe to say that Ms. Hogshead-Makar had a pretty tough time dealing ... More

In Defense of Karch Kiraly

When arguing with gender quota advocates about Title IX, it's important to remember that the other side really only wants one of two possible outcomes: Either agree with all of their points or just shut up. If you don't believe me, take a look again at some of these folks in their most candid moments and you'll see what I mean. The latest example of that ... More

Jamie Trecker, Fox Sports and the CSC’s Study on Title IX and NCAA Division I Soccer

Earlier this month, I sent a note to Jamie Trecker at Fox Sports about the study the College Sports Council released earlier this year concerning Division I NCAA Soccer and Title IX. I was inspired to send my message to Trecker after I saw he had put an item out on his Twitter feed that college hockey was somehow able to avoid the fate that had befallen ... More

Title IX Enforcement and College Swimming

Over at Swimming World, Kevin Weissman, the parent of a college swimmer, is calling attention to the inequities that Title IX enforcement has created in college swimming: The opportunity to participate also is not equitable. According to the NCAA Sports Sponsorship and Participation Rates Report, for the 2008/2009 academic year, there were 510 women's ... More

Billie Jean King, Bobby Riggs, Title IX and College Tennis

All over the Web today you're seeing a number of tributes to Billy Jean King's defeat of Bobby Riggs in a tennis challenge match on September 20, 1973. For the most part, the one thing that these articles all have in common are references to Title IX. Here's one example: Nonetheless, it is worth remembering for where it stands in history. The battle ... More

CSC Study on NCAA Tennis Shows Title IX Enforcement Has Failed to Boost Opportunities for Women While Eliminating Men’s Teams

A few moments ago, the College Sports Council published the following press release. Double Fault: Tennis not helped by Title IX Enforcement; Fails to boost opportunities for women and eliminates men's teams. College Sports Council analysis of NCAA Division I data charts tennis team sponsorship since 1996 Title IX policy clarification. August 31, ... More

Why You Can’t Trust The 2007 GAO Report on NCAA Athletics

Yesterday over at the Title IX Blog, Erin Buzuvis took a moment to point to a 2007 GAO study on NCAA athletic participation rates to present it as evidence that claims that men's sports were being harmed by Title IX enforcement were overblown. We'd like to remind our readers that despite the fact that the GAO concluded that both men and women had experie... More

CSC Soccer Study Gets Wider Notice

It's been a good day for the College Sports Council and our study on disparities in Division I soccer. Earlier today, Charlotte Allen of the Independent Women's Forum wrote a piece based on our study entitled, "Why U.S. Men's Soccer Will Decline." Here's an excerpt: The effect of the proportionality rule on opportunities for young men to play college ... More

CSC Study on NCAA Soccer Highlights Opportunity Gap Between Male and Female Players

A few moments ago, the College Sports Council published the following press release.   CSC Study on NCAA Soccer Highlights Opportunity Gap Between Male and Female Players Growth of male teams stifled by Title IX's gender quota WASHINGTON, D.C. -- June 10, 2010 -- A study by the College Sports Council (CSC) released on the eve of the ... More

The College Sports Council Responds to the Women’s Sports Foundation on the Division I Soccer Study

A little less than an hour ago, the Women's Sports Foundation issued a virulent response to the study that the College Sports Council released this morning about the disparities between male and female soccer athletes in Division I. You can read the statement by clicking here. Despite what the WSF and their confederates in the gender quota camp ... More